Best Quality Flowers

Best Quality Flowers

We have develop our own White Frangipani farm for best quality of flowers for extraction of oil.



Fertile lands are developed for plantation of White Frangipani from 1 Acre to 100 Acre by our expert team.



We manufactured essence from White Frangipani flowers use for making perfumes.

White Frangipani

Frangipanis are relatively small trees growing only to about 5-6m in height, but what they lack in height they make up in width often becoming as wide as they are tall. They have a well-behaved root system which makes them great for the home garden and for growing in pots. Frangipanis are also great survivors coping with drought, heat, neglect and insect and pest attack. They are also deciduous allowing maximum winter sun while providing shade in summer.

White Frangipani

With its gnarled branches, long leaves and distinctive flowers, the frangipani is easily one of the most common and identifiable trees. The bark is grey/green and scaly in appearance. The scaling is formed when leaves drop in winter leaving small semi-circular marks on the bark. The branches have a swollen appearance and the leaves, dark green on the top and a lighter shade of green underneath, cluster at the tips of branches. A cut made on any part of the tree will exude a milky, sticky sap that is poisonous to both humans and animals.

Frangipani flowers appear in clusters, also at the end of the branches, and are distinctively scented. The petals are waxy with the centre of the flower generally a different colour to the rest. For example the most common frangipani has white flowers with a yellow centre most commonly named Celadine or White Star.


The raw material essential oils : Flower get dried within 3 to 4 days and distilled to get essential oil which basically use for perfume or ointment.

As antibiotics : frangipani flowers has number of medicinal compounds in it. contents of this, frangipani flower handy to reduce menstrual pain and prevent fainting due to the heat or sun exposure (heat stroke).

As drug ulcers : combination of frangipani flowers and leaves of olive oil is use as drug for ulcer.

Overcoming swelling : frangipani tree bark is useful for overcoming swelling of body parts.



About US

Brain Chamber Technologies works in plantation of white fringapani. We cultivate plant in our own or rent land on large sectors. We works from plantation to manufacturing essence from flowers. We also motivate farmers to rent land for plantation of white fringapani on large sectors. Here flowers have growing demand in local market and also has demand for essence in perfume manufacturing industries. We have our own investment plans in white fringapani project.




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